Ivy League Catholic Leaders

Peter Cetale
Ivy League Catholic President

Peter Cetale is the Founder and President of Ivy League Catholic. He is a Junior at Cornell University where is serves on the leadership team for the Cornell Catholic club. Peter created Ivy League Catholic after realizing the negative scrutiny on religious groups on campus by ever secular universities. He envisions Ivy League Catholic as a network of top Catholics that are ready and equipped to lead the church of the future. On top of Ivy League Catholic, Peter is also focused on the declining membership numbers in the church. For example, 80% of Catholics leave the church by age 23. Additionally, there has been a 20% decrease in general church membership in the last four years. To solve this problem, he created Religio. Mr. Cetale is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Religio, Inc. an enterprise software company that gives churches the tools to better connect, engage and retain their parishioners online. The firm helps churches increase their membership, engagement, and donations through the enhancement of community the technology provides. Religio is proud to be building the digital church of the 21st century.

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